Rolada - Apparel Manufacture

About Rolada

Rolada was created in 1992, and specializes in men's and women's fashion apparel. We have successful business relationship with upmarket German companies, in producing quality fashion apparel. We have also produced work clothes for police and postal service. We have efficient and modern sewing equipment, fully computerized cutting and construction department. Two automatic cutters (Gerber and Lectra). We have hand stitch imitation machines, pocket automats and sleeve head forming machines.

We have very experienced staff and workforce, which allows us to be very flexible and produce high quality garments.

Currently we have 4 factories. Main location in Lviv (60 km from Polish border) empoys 210 people in production and cutting areas and three factories not far from Lviv employ 40 to 60 people each.

The three smaller factories have been operational from the third quarter of 2017. Currently we are looking for stable long term partners who would employ our capacity in these factories. Available weekly capacity is 1000-1500 women's jackets or 1600-2400 women's pants in each of these factories.